Why Teach?

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children and your community, advance social justice, or teach simply because you're a lifelong learner yourself, you're not alone.

Here some inspiring video testimony of why becoming a teacher is important.

Dynamic teachers talk about shaping lives and the rewards they receive from teaching math. 

San Francisco State holds its first Celebration of Teaching Event in fall, 2017.  Contact the campus about their credential programs or if you want to participate in similar events. 

The amazing journey of Jennifer Vides, a student from a South Central high school in Los Angeles, who earns a degree in civil engineering from USC. She becomes a superintendent for a large construction company, overseeing some of LA's biggest construction jobs. Watch her reunion with the high school teacher who helped make that happen.     

An inspiring story about a day in the life of a special education teacher.  A must-see if you've ever considered working in this high-demand field. 

CSU Chico's Residency program is designed for future high school teachers working in math, science, English, or special education.  Students can receive up to $25,000 stipends for living expenses. 

Teachers talk about the difference they make in children's lives and about the rewards of of being a special education teacher. You'll also hear powerful stories from special education students and their parents.

Sac State professor, Margarita Berta-Avila, explains why she became a teacher -- "...to ensure that students who look like you do, who speak the language that you do, who represent the values and customs that you do have access and equity to a curriculum and to opportunities that will allow them to make choices and not choices be made for them."

If your experiences in science classes weren't memorable, watch how these teachers connect with students and make science come alive.